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2 Kings 22

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Dear God,

thank You for Your Word and for this chapter. Thank You for the example of King Josiah, who sought to follow and obey Your commands. I pray that You would give me a heart like Josiah’s, a heart that is sensitive to Your Word and eager to obey it.

Help me to seek after You with all my heart, like Josiah did. Open my eyes to see the ways that I have strayed from Your commands, and give me the courage and strength to turn back to You. I pray that You would guide me in the path of righteousness and help me to live a life that honors and pleases You.

I also pray for a spirit of repentance and humility, like the one demonstrated by Josiah. Help me to recognize my own sinfulness and turn to You in genuine repentance. May Your grace and mercy be poured out upon me, as it was upon Josiah and the people of Judah.

Thank You, God, for Your faithfulness and Your love. I know that You hear my prayers and that You are with me always. May my life be a testimony to Your grace and Your power, and may I be a vessel for Your kingdom in this world.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.



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