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2 Samuel 17

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Dear God,

Thank You for Your Word and for this chapter. Thank You for the wisdom and guidance it provides as we seek to navigate through the challenges and decisions of life.

As I meditate on this passage, I am reminded of the importance of seeking Your counsel and direction in all things. Help me to trust in Your wisdom and to seek Your will above all else.

I pray for discernment and clarity in making decisions, just as David sought counsel from You in this passage. Help me to be patient and wait for Your timing, knowing that Your plan is always better than my own.

I also lift up any feelings of fear or anxiety that may be weighing on my heart. Just as You provided comfort and assurance to David in his time of need, I ask for Your peace to guard my heart and mind.

Thank You for always being with me and for Your unfailing love. Help me to walk in obedience and faithfulness, knowing that You are always guiding and protecting me.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.



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