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Ezekiel 27

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Dear God,

Thank You for Your Word and for this chapter, which reminds me of the importance of relying on You in every aspect of my life. Just as the people of Tyre depended on their ships for trade and prosperity, help me to depend on You for guidance and strength. You are the ultimate source of provision and protection, and I trust in Your faithfulness.

Please grant me the wisdom to anchor my life in Your truth and righteousness, and help me to navigate through the storms of life with confidence in Your presence. May my faith in You be unwavering, even in the face of challenges and uncertainties. I pray that I may be a vessel of Your grace and love, bringing hope and encouragement to those around me.

Thank You for being my rock and my refuge. I surrender my fears and concerns to You, knowing that You are always in control. I pray for Your continued blessing and favor upon my life, and I thank You for Your abundant grace and mercy. Your faithfulness never fails, and I am grateful for Your unending love.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.



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