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Genesis 22

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Dear God,

Thank You for Your Word and for this chapter, which reminds us of Your faithfulness and provision. It’s a powerful reminder of how You provided a ram for sacrifice in place of Isaac, just as You provided Your Son, Jesus, as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins.

Please help us to have the same faith and obedience as Abraham, and to trust in Your perfect plan for our lives. Help us to surrender our will to Yours, and to follow Your leading without reservation.

Thank You for Your constant presence and Your unwavering love. In times of uncertainty and testing, may we always turn to You for strength and encouragement. Help us to remember that You are always faithful and that You never abandon us.

May we take heart in the knowledge that You provide for our every need, and may we give thanks for Your endless mercies. Help us to be faithful and obedient to Your will, just as Abraham was.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.



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