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Nehemiah 4

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Dear God,

Thank You for Your Word and for this text that reminds us of the power of prayer and perseverance in the face of opposition. Just as Nehemiah and the people of Israel faced opposition and ridicule while rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, we may also face challenges in our own lives. Help us to trust in You and seek Your strength and guidance in difficult times.

We pray for the courage to stand firm in our faith and to not be discouraged by those who oppose us. Help us to remember that You are always with us, and with Your help, we can overcome any obstacle. Just as Nehemiah and the people of Israel completed the wall despite the opposition, we trust that You will help us to overcome the challenges we face in our lives.

We ask for Your protection and strength as we strive to do Your will. Give us the wisdom and discernment to know the right path to take and the perseverance to continue in the face of adversity. Thank You for hearing our prayers and for Your faithfulness in all circumstances.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.



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