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Psalms 137

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Dear God,

Thank You for Your Word and for this text that reminds us of the importance of remembering Your promises and staying faithful to You even in the midst of difficult circumstances. Just as the Israelites never forgot their homeland even while in exile, help us to never forget Your love, faithfulness, and promises to us.

Please give us the strength to remain steadfast in our faith and to trust in Your plan, even when it is difficult to understand. Help us to always remember to seek Your peace and trust in Your timing.

We pray for those who are struggling and in need of Your comfort and strength. May they find peace in You and remember Your goodness, even in their darkest moments.

Thank You for always being there for us and for never leaving us, even in our times of exile and trouble. We praise You for Your never-ending love and faithfulness.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.



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